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Areas of expertise

Machine Learning, NLP and AI

Developed platforms for sentiment classification and natural language processing analysis (topic modelling) of millions of social media posts and news each day for various financial platforms, including BittsAnalytics.

Developed numerous deep learning and machine learning models in areas of image segmentation, object detection, real-time bidding models, recommender systems (content based recommendation and collaborative filtering), anomaly detection, aspect based sentiment analysis, time series modelling, predictive analytics, neural machine translation (NMT) and others.

Technical stack

Machine learning models and other stack: Decision Trees, Random Forests, Support Vector Machines (SVM), XgBoost, Lightgbm, Logistic regression, Gradient boosting, (Ridge, Lasso) regression, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), LSTMs, K Means Clustering, KNN, SVD++, PCA, Tsne and others.

Frameworks: Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras, Caffe, Surprise, Turi Create, Pandas.

Languages: Python, Javascript, C#, Java, SQL, CSS3, PHP, HTML.

Data Science

Latest data science project developed - UnicornSEO platform. It is an innovative data science platform for digital marketing, allowing its users to optimize their marketing on search engines and perform competitive analysis within their sector.
It also includes semantic similarity tools based on sentence embeddings and other advanced methodologies.


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Robo Advisor Solution

Alpha Wealth Robo Advisor is a platform for automated advisor and investment management, offering portfolio optimisation based on maximum drawdown, active management products such as dynamic asset allocation, financial planning and use of specialised digital assistants.

For an overview of Robo Advisor features please read presentation at Robo Advisor Presentation or see a video of app in use: Robo Advisor video



BittsAnalytics is an advanced Big Data and AI platform for analysis of stocks, futures and digital assets.

It is used by many individual clients and global hedge funds.

Its features include sentiment analysis of social media posts and news about securities, risk management, historical simulations, portfolio tracking and others.

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UnicornSEO Hub - data science tools for improving your rankings through better insights on keywords, competitors and your niche.

Advanced tools for niche research, top keyword determination and competitor analysis.

AI and machine learning tools for sentiment classification of text, semantic similarity analysis based on sentence embeddings and AI Content Generation with GPT-2.

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Alpha Quantum Quantamental is an innovative solution for financial analysis, valuation and ranking of companies and a backtesting platform for quantitative strategies.

Solution allows clients to conduct financial analysis of companies, including generating sophisticated automated reports and provides versatile discounted cashflow valuation tools.

Quantitative strategies can be based on multifactor models, pricing models, rankings, DCF valuations, news analytics models or their combinations.

See Quantamental Presentation


Risk Management

Alpha Quantum Risk Management is an innovative solution for risk management in financial institutions.

Solution allows clients to conduct risk analysis through different Value at Risk methods, construction of stress test scenarios, support for derivative positions, pre-trade risk management and risk attribution.

The features also include limits monitoring, performance measurement, regulatory compliance and powerful reporting capabilities for credit risk, market risk and portfolio analysis.

See Risk Management Presentation


Portfolio Optimiser

Alpha Quantum Portfolio Optimiser is an innovative solution for portfolio optimisation in financial institutions.

Solution includes mean variance and mean cvar portfolio optimisation, powerful multiperiod portfolio optimization framework for backtesting and research of strategies, use of deep learning neural nets in backtesting of strategies, cleaned correlation matrix.

It includes portfolio optimization on cointegrated prices and alpha returns, powerful reporting and document generation capabilities.

See Portfolio Optimiser Presentation


Sentiment Classification and NLP Analysis platform

Platforms classify sentiment of millions of social media posts and other texts per day, using machine learning.

They can be adapted to various needs. In financial institutions they can be applied to determine topics and sentiment of customer interactions, analysing chats and emails.

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